Karen Blixen Camp – Masai Mara

Authentic ‘yesteryear’ experience for visitors wishing to gain that little extra from their safari

Karen Blixen Camp offers an authentic ‘yesteryear’ experience for visitors wishing to gain that little extra from their safari. One truly gets a feeling of the early 1920’s era when Masai Mara was seldom visited, and elaborate and comfortable camps were set up providing a luxurious and stylish retreat after each day’s adventure.

Karen Blixen Camp is an eco friendly luxury camp set on the banks of the Mara River. The location is spectacular; throughout the day elephants, giraffes, buffalos, zebras and impalas come for a drink, while crocodiles and a large resident hippo pod rest lazily in the river. Even lions and leopards occasionally come to this favored drinking spot.

The Camp comprises 22 luxurious en-suite tents; each set on a beautiful mahogany platform with a spacious veranda completed with cushion daybed from which one can enjoy an afternoon siesta, taking in the wonderful surroundings.

All 22 tents are placed along the river with a huge veranda at the front. Each tent has a private bathroom with WC, twin washbasins and an outdoor shower with view to the sky. The water is heated by gas and there is 24 hour electricity in all tents provided by solar panels. Our family unit consists of two tents with a shared veranda.

Camp facilities also include a restaurant, a bar, a lounge, a gift shop with wireless internet and a swimming pool. Our resident masseuse offers a wide range of wellness treatments.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the restaurant or bush garden from where one has an incredible close view of the Mara River and the wild animals coming to drink.

One can also enjoy a romantic bush dinner set beneath the starlit African night. Bush breakfast is the perfect surprise after an exciting morning game drive with astonishing view over the Mara plains.

Karen Blixen was passionate about cooking and our chefs have found many of her original recipes. Dining at the Camp captures the taste of these long gone colonial days with classical cooking from the French, English, Italian and Danish kitchens. Modern day’s love for cosmopolitan food with clear notes from the Far East, India or Kenya’s own traditional cooking is also served alongside the African continent’s finest wines.

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Karen Blixen Camp – Location

Karen Blixen Camp is located in the beautiful Mara North Conservancy in the Masai Mara; world famous for the annual wildebeests migration, when over 1.3 million wildebeests, zebras and impalas cross from the Serengeti to the Masai Mara in search of water and greener pastures (July to November).

Less famous, yet still very impressive, is the Loita Hills Migration, when thousands of resident wildebeests come to the conservancy area (December to May).

Guests visiting the Karen Blixen Camp are ensured a truly exclusive safari experience with sustainable tourism and one of the lowest vehicle densities in the Masai Mara.

Karen Blixen Camp is accessible by local flight from Nairobi, Mombasa, Naivasha, Samburu, Lewa Downs and Nayuki or by private charter flights.

Preferred airstrip is Shikar Airstrip with an approximately 40 minute drive to the Camp.

Karen Blixen Camp is also accessible by road. The drive from Nairobi takes approximately 5 hours during the dry season, and 6 hours in the green season.

Mara North Conservancy is committed to professional wildlife management with low impact tourism and low vehicle density. Read more about our conservancy on www.maranorthconservancy.com

Karen Blixen Camp – Activities

The overall activity in the Masai Mara is game driving, but you may well also go for a game walk, a balloon safari or a community visit.

Game drives
The perfect game drive enriches the guest with a greater understanding of the fauna and flora of the Mara. Game drives in Mara North Conservancy is exclusive with a fixed low vehicle ration. During the migration season or on request we go the Masai Mara National Reserve to see the wildebeests crossing the Mara River. Guests are able to enjoy early morning, afternoon, full day game drives or thrilling night game drives. Our Toyota Land Cruisers are open for undisturbed the ultimate wildlife experience.

Balloon safaris
Imagine the thrill of gliding high above the impressive Mara savannah while looking down at herds of elephants and zebras tottering beneath you.

Game walks
For those who wish to experience the Mara on foot we arrange fascinating game walks with an armed Masai guide in our private concession Oloisuk.

Nature walks
On a nature walk you learn about trees, shrubs, birds and the little insects and how the Masai make use of the flora for medical and ritual purposes.

The keen beginner or the experienced birder will spend the early mornings and late afternoons in a more remote area of the Camp viewing the birdlife of Mara. Over 180 different birds have been spotted around the camp.

Community visits
Visiting the Masai Manyatta (village), school, market or church gives the interested a better understanding of the proud Masai people living amongst the wild animals in Masai Mara.

Eco camp walks
We invite all guests to learn how we run an eco friendly luxury camp out in the bush. We explain about our solar panel system, bio cold room, zero-waste water system, waste management, forestry program and community project on a guided walk around the camp.

Karen Blixen Camp – Eco Aspects

Karen Blixen Camp strongly believe responsible tourism holds the capacity to protect a natural wildlife area, alleviate poverty through proper working conditions and contribute positively to the local community. We support the UN Global Compact and are member of Eco Tourism Kenya

We use the latest green technologies to ensure our impact is minimized. Solar panels provide 24 hour electricity guaranteeing no excessive use of diesel and CO2 emission kept at minimum. Gas is used for heating water to avoid use of firewood, conserving the Kenyan woodlands. Waste water is led through our zero-waste sewage system and mechanically and biologically purified. The strict waste management system ensures organic waste is composted and solid waste is recycled. All precaution is taken to protect the beautiful environment of Masai Mara of which wildlife and people rely on.

Karen Blixen Camp will in 2010/11 build a hotel school to provide the local Maasai youth with tertiary education and decent jobs. Our students will learn about hospitality, forestry, IT, math and foreign languages as education is the only way out of poverty. We welcome volunteers with the appropriate background to come and train our students and thus contribute to the local community. The second part of our project will focus on reforestation and carbon offset to give students the ability to run profitable woodlots and create greater awareness about climate change. The UN based IPD program is funding through the Danish Government.

Please read more about our responsible tourism on Karen Blixen Camp.