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There is nothing like flying high above the magnificent African Savannah in a Hot Air Balloon

There is nothing like flying high above the magnificent African Savannah in a Hot Air Balloon; seeing nature at its best from a bird’ perspective is unimaginable until you’ve actually tried it.

Flying effortless over the Great Masai Mara in a Hot Air Balloon will give you an experience of a lifetime and will stay with you forever.

Skyship Co. operates its own private launch site in the heart of the Mara Ecosystem, only a few hundred meters away from the Mara River.

The set up has been built in the most eco friendly manor and it blends perfectly in with the surrounding nature.

Skyship Co. is dedicated to Balloon Safaris and provides maximum safety, comfort and enjoyment for anyone who flies with us.

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Skyship Company – The Balloon Experience

The thrilling adventure begins as the first pink rays of light are seen on the sky. While our silent inflation system fills the balloon with hot air the captain will ask you to climb into the basket, suspended below the balloon.

Your anxiety will be replaced with a rush of adrenaline and excitement as the balloon silently lifts from the ground. The Masai Mara will fall away under your feet and a whole new and amazing view appears.

First off the ground you will easily spot game especial elephants hiding in the forests while the balloon drifts over in complete silence.

In the early morning hours hippos are often returning to the river after feeding during night feeding.

On a flight you are also likely to see buffalos, giraffes, various antelopes and with a bit of luck lion and leopard. The Mara Rivers twists and turns below you and makes it for some artistic photos.

The landing can be depending on the strength of the wind a little existing and dumpy. Once on the ground a lavish champagne breakfast awaits you.

Skyship Company – Champagne Breakfast

We are proud that Skyship Co.’ champagne breakfast has been rated as the best in the Masai Mara.

Breakfast is served after the balloon flight, either in the Mara Triangle or on the Ololoolo Escarpment overlooking the plains.

Our breakfast menu is set to suit everyone and ranges from American waffles to a full English breakfast. Our chefs on site are ready to cook your breakfast just the way you like it.